Talking about art sound system tuning features

With experience and long-term with the DJ, musicians such personnel exchanges , I found that when tuning in for entertainment , to understand the music , focusing on the musical performance, can often get unexpected results. This feeling comes from the musical elements with more understanding. In the actual tuning process, first let yourself meditation , into the music room , feel the music in the performance of each musical elements , analyzing what they want to show , and then again by listening to the sound audio system , the experience of these musical elements through sound system manifested after their performance with what kind of change , such as some elements of the performance were supposed to be soothing , but later manifested through sound becomes warm , then , that , this sound system there are some color deviation may be too bright , then you will be in stereo brightness to make some adjustments , so that the color becomes gentle acoustic number . Or a kind of bass part of the element to be something with a sense of jumping , but through the sound system after feeling become somewhat bureaucratic , less lively , So in other words , this part of the response to low-frequency sound bad , Some musical elements may be distorted, by technical means necessary to improve the low frequency response , let the music element back to its rightful state. Walking around the entire floor , listening to music in various local musical elements of performance , analyze their performance in different , feel different regions of the musical elements reflect the amount of sense , we can know each area of sound effects sound system deficiencies and defects , and then targeted for regulation , so that each region consistent with the performance of musical elements , sound like a natural .

By understanding the performance of musical elements for adjusting the sound system , and through sound analysis to adjust for the sound system is something belonging to two levels , the former requires a higher realm , the need for music , sound systems have a comparative a profound understanding of the latter is relatively shallow, only need to have some listening ability, and can correspond to the system and can be. Tuning technology improved, the first depending on the time , in time accumulated experience ; Then depending on perception , art Well , savvy status is undoubted , which is equivalent qualifications and experience of people with high and low levels of an important reasons . Anyway , tuning technique is the experience , savvy and intuitive mixing . It also requires corresponding to the scientific basis of precise theorems , logical reasoning , subtle analysis , is the combination of technology and art .

In fact, technology development to a certain extent , and how many there are a number of artistic and religious colors, the so-called color art that is derived from the feeling , from the inspiration , art is also a major feature of digital contempt for feeling respected . America and icy digital missed , just like fuzzy experience , insights in order to harmony. When the tuner has music sensation when it has the art of color , not just the technical features . If the mixing time , capable of stereo music requirements of some perception , then the debugger is completely removed from the most fundamental place to start, but also from the most critical place to start , so debugging out effect on the reduction of the music not only is the sound reduction , but to be restored from a musical ideology , so that the effect on the sound system has the feeling of color, music can be the perfect expression of ideas, it has a sound idea is to give human sounds , this sound live, and not just a public address system . Also, if transferred out of the way with a musical sound effects, generally do not need a lot of sound pressure , you can make guests feel at the venue of the music being , belonging to a part of the music , people are being integrated into the music out of , rather than just in the sense of stereo sound field produced under the effect is likely to cause this are the recognition and resonance and sound presence forget guests .