From the perspective of sound or bad sound judgment

If completely subjective evaluation to assess the sound quality is good and bad , then there are some imperfections. There are many subjective evaluation of impact factors.
      1 , the sensitivity of the human ear

      Since each individual's physical structure , health and developmental differences in auditory sensitivity caused by each person different, and left ear hearing sensitivity is also different. This resulted in auditory sensitivity of each individual is different , just as the human eye , as it was 1.5 for the left eye and right 1.2 , while it was 0.5 for the left and right of each one different from the same. So this is a big sound evaluation of impact .

      2 , the impact of age on hearing

      Because physical reasons , with increasing age , auditory organs such as the eardrum , cochlea experience points for different frequencies decreased tissue elasticity , so the ability to distinguish high-frequency sounds will gradually decline , so that it affects the accuracy of the sound quality evaluation sex .

      3 , the impact of educational level

      A person 's level of education affect subjective evaluation . Because the field of acoustics is a multi- disciplinary, complex physical phenomena , which, physics, mathematics, architecture, music and other disciplines have very close ties. To have a comprehensive on sound and accurate knowledge is necessary to have a certain level of quality in all aspects and levels . So a man of education and level of depth comprehensive evaluation on the sound effects .

      4, the ability to appreciate the arts

      Each individual artistic accomplishment and artistic concepts differ , resulting in sound understanding of artistic expression are different . This aspect also affect the timbre of the evaluation factors.

      5 , in the psychological impact

      Every person at different times and in different mood, different living environments, different mental state ( attitude ) under Voice has different feelings. This also affects subjective evaluation on the sound .

      6, each person 's preference

      Each one in a different field of art may belong to this or that school of art , so everyone there is a certain preference for the psychological tendency , which is allowed. Therefore, this factor also affects the sound quality evaluation .

      7 different countries , ethnic

      Different countries , different nationalities, different regions and different times have different understanding on sound criteria and listening habits. So there is a great difference in the evaluation of timbre .

      Therefore, subjective evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of the feelings on art , Shouzhu many factors .

      Subjective evaluation on the sound level of accuracy depends on how the human auditory sensitivity and ability to distinguish sound structure and analysis capabilities , so as to distinguish the sound of pros and cons. And subjective evaluation and objective evaluation often exist between the small difference is not , this is because the subjective evaluation of the human ear to sound direct experience , and objective evaluation of the accuracy of the instrument of the received sound or feel is the equivalent sound instruments . Because the human ear when sound transmission there are many acoustic effects on hearing the acoustic sound field effect, so is not the same between the two . Only the various acoustic effect into account, will be coordinated between them . That is :

      Objective evaluation of subjective evaluation = + human ear effect

      To sound good on a comprehensive evaluation of subjective and objective evaluation, first of all the need for sound structure, especially the overtone structure has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding , with analytical skills. So that it can accurately determine a good or bad sound .