Professional audio mixer to operate the points

Currently used by professional dance hall acoustics , the majority of imported equipment, it should be said with higher reliability. The main problem is the operator professionalism heartbeat, truly qualified tuner unit with very little . So, often caused by improper operation of poor acoustics , and even lead to equipment damage.
      In this paper , a small dance hall sound equipment operating points for explanation, can be used as reference for formulating rules . In addition, the small dance halls because the microphone acoustic feedback howling phenomenon caused by self-excited , so that users headache is a common problem, because often whistle will make guests disappointed, sound out of the question , the device will cause serious damage. Therefore, the phenomenon of self-excited whistle dance hall sound in use is an important issue , are described below .
First, the audio equipment on, shutdown sequence
Should be switched from front to back order , that is, from the source device (CD drive , LD player, DVD player , tape recorders , video recorders ) , audio processing equipment ( pressure limiter , actuators , effects , crossovers , equalizers , etc. ) to an audio amplifier to a TV , projector , monitor. Shutdown in reverse order , first off the amplifier . Such operations can prevent the open, shut impact of the equipment , to prevent burning power amplifier and speakers.
Second, before the concert preparations - Commissioning
1 . The amplifier's volume control potentiometer shall be transferred to the maximum position ; mixer fader accompanying music and microphone splitter should be placed 0dB; mixer input gain GAIN each branch are placed in the tuned position ; tuning Taiwan total volume fader first minimum position ( bottom ) ; sound mixer knobs are placed in the middle position compensation .
2 . Test accompaniment channel , that is, with the CD disc or LD dish put the song to music, the mixer sub- acute and Yan Jun eels jump Vision soil, near the border to -6dB , this time singing and musical accompaniment is roughly the volume of normal working hours ; but pay attention to the volume to moderate sweet, rang through the large easy to make fatigue and unbearable. Mixing different locations Chamber members should listen to the effect . Such as stereo audio and video, music and other sound . The tracks should put their own familiar tunes, can be repeatedly adjust the volume ( adjusted shunt GAIN GAIN ) and shunt compensation sound until the sound satisfied. Requirements for sound effects should be vigorous and there is beauty, not shrill treble , bass is not muddy , requiring clear voice , such as dental female voice could be heard clearly . But not too heavy. Shunt placed fader 0dB, the total volume fader placed 0dB, adjustable shunt GAIN input gain knob around the AU table indicates 0dB , the system reaches the rated output power. But normal working hours , the total volume fader - like tone at -6dB or -10dB less than the rated output power.
3 . Test the microphone channel . Generally speaking, the microphone channel should prepare at least two . First try microphone sensitivity and dynamic performance , then add reverb and accompaniment music to sing, singing through the reverberation processing , should be better than the original songs sound more mellow, plump and have layers , rich sense of the scene . Microphone volume adjustment : shunt placed fader 0dB, microphone volume adjustment shunt GAIN input gain knob to shunt the peak level indicator flashes occasionally as well, the total output power measurement by AU table instructions.
4 . For small orchestra audition adjustment, that want to carry a variety of musical tones and microphone signals for soundcheck , according to the proportion of balanced stereo music style .
5 . Adjust video image that the projector and the TV should adjust its brightness , contrast, color saturation and other knobs to make it clear images , colorful. Members should be proficient in audio player and song using the device , familiar song on the disc single bit . Note that in a formal concert , the players should be on the D / A button. Eliminate the original singers singing.