BaiRuiKe Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City Guangming New District, mainly the production of high-grade vacuum tube amplifier hardware parts, product types are: RCA signal input socket, loudspeaker amplifier output block, ceramic, TEFON Teflon electronic socket, DIY fancier favorite plated wiring rack, knob, chassis, panel, air plugs, speaker foot nail, long-life high-end potentiometers and other customized products; our company has advanced production equipment and strong research and development capacity, has a high level of high-quality technical and management team, operations staff be trained with regularity; strict implementation of modern enterprise management system and quality guarantee system, scientific and standardized management, to ensure product quality and work efficiency. I plant with good quality, reasonable price, delivery on time, courteous service;

       Our business philosophy: quality, innovation, competitiveness; for customer groups continue to market research and analysis, design and development of a stable quality products, to meet the various levels of customer requirements; each new product out before they undergo repeated investigation, analysis, testing, continuous improvement, most let customers get high-quality, excellent, cost-effective products; continue to forge ahead with innovation, integrity and self-discipline, customers receive the recognition, support, make enterprise coruscate gives youth vitality!